Be the Expert in the Room with a deep understanding of top youth issues like bullying, cyber bullying, youth depression and suicide ideation and more!

The 20 module Masterclass gives you expert knowledge about the top youth issues through our 7+ hour online training!

"I've followed the work of Todd and Campus Impact for 22 years and their knowledge of youth issues is at the expert level.  His teaching style is engaging and he is an expert who has mastered his content."

Malinda Forte, Parent
Boyton Beach, FL

"Todd's knowledge of youth issues is extraordinary and helpful for all professionals and parents. He delves deeply into issues including, bullying, dating abuse, prescription drug abuse and many other serious youth issues to bring understanding and clarity that all speakers and youth workers need. He is truly an expert who bases his teaching on research." 

Melinda Adams, MA, PCC, CEO, 3 Waters Recovery Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

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